We have an epidemic of violence in this city and instead of giving us the resources, tools and support we need to tackle it - the City Council led by Charles Allen, has tied our hands in an effort to defund the police. Homicides are up 6% this year, even after last year’s 20% spike. We are on pace to break 200 murders in 2021.

In June of 2020, the City Council began demonizing police officers and passing misguided legislation under the guise of “police reform.” These bills have had the unintended consequences of increasing crime in our most vulnerable communities, and negatively impacting police service. Since the passage of these bills, the MPD has lost over 400 police officers to either retirement or resignation. The total strength of the police department is below 3,500, the lowest number in decades.

This increase in crime can only be attributed to the DC Council’s implementation of several police reform bills and their chilling effect on professional and responsible policing. Other major cities that have passed similar legislation have also experienced mass exits and crime surges. Police officers are unable to do the impactful and necessary tasks needed to apprehend violent criminals and protect communities.

Because our members interact with citizens of the District every day, we know they appreciate police and understand their importance in the community. In order to quantify that fact, the DC Police Union conducted a survey in July to measure the attitudes of district voters regarding crime, public safety and policing issues facing the city. This is the second scientific survey conducted by an independent research group the Union has commissioned in recent years to gather representative feedback from voters across the District.

The study was conducted by telephone using live interviewers. Voters were randomly selected from the latest updated list of registered voters in Washington, D.C. The survey was written and administered by Gotham Research Group, an independent research firm based in New York City.

Press Release: New Survey Shows DC Residents Concerned About Crime, Skeptical About Police Reform Initiatives

D.C. Voter Survey – July 2021 (Survey of 600 Registered/Likely Voters in Washington, D.C. Margin of Error for the Total Sample of 600: +/- 4.0% Interviews Conducted: July 20th – 26th, 2021)